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Full course load (w/distance courses)

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I searched for this, but couldn't find an answer. Perhaps someone has considered doing something similar to this.


Next year, I plan on taking two full-credit courses (english and physics) via distance at Athabasca. At the same time, I'll be wrapping up a final year of ugrad at UofT. If I were to do 3/3 at UofT plus the 2/2 via distance at Athabasca, would I be considered as having a 5/5 course load?


What if I finished the distance courses earlier? Say in February. Since these are full credit courses, would they still be counted towards my full year course credits as 5/5 in total?


Appreciate the insight if others have considered doing similar things.

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Yes, it will be considered a full course load, as when you enter your grades into the OMSAS system it considers start and end dates.


A BIG warning though- do not sign up for your distance courses before september, or specifically request a start date of September somehow. If you sign up for a start date in August, even if you fnish in, say, Oct, they will not count. They must be completed between Sept-April.


This is from the Queen's info line, UofT or other schools may be different. They're easy to get hold of, call or email to confirm with them. :)

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