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Which schools do I have a shot at without any research experience?

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Except for the 4th year undergraduate thesis next year…


I never did any type of research because I really have no interest in it, so I know I would hate it if I just did it to boost my application. The rest of my ECs are not that great either, but everything that I did is because I was genuinely interested in doing it so I can probably word them pretty well on the app.




3rd year Ontario resident

GPA: cGPA = ~3.85

1st year = 3.87

2nd year = 3.92

3rd year = ~3.70

So, will be 3.90 at Western/Calgary, ~3.85 at Mac/Queens/Alberta, ~3.80 at Ottawa, 3.93 at U of T, and 4.35/4.5 at Manitoba


MCAT: haven’t written it yet, but got a perfect science and 99.6 percentile average on OAT (Optometry Admission Test) in the summer, so maybe I could get a mid 30 if I study a bit harder (I realize MCAT is much harder)


Extra curricular: 6+ months of hospital volunteering, heavy involvement in a cultural organization outside school in fundraising and organizing events for 4 years, Unite for Sight foundation for a year, helping teach First Aid/CPR with Red Cross once a month for about 2 years, a lot of tutoring, refereeing little kids’ soccer games, indoor soccer league, other intramural sports, academic scholarships, some interesting and non-health related jobs, and other high school awards and activities. I’m looking to get into something with St. John Ambulance, and I have a short program planned this summer overseas involving vision screenings for the people who don’t have access to them (I’m going on vacation, this program just happens to fit my schedule while I’m there).


Based on this, which schools would overlook research? Thanks!

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All schools will overlook research. Even UofT. It's not a requirement.


Remember, Calgary initially looks at best 2, but will look at your entire transcript if you make their OOP cutoff.


If you have a solid MCAT, you're guaranteed to interview at Manitoba/UWO. Your chance at Ottawa is unlikely (unless you live there). Good shot at UofT depending on personal statement and references.


Mac is dependant on your CASPer and VR.

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The reason I asked is because in every 'accepted/rejected stats' thread that I've read, almost every single person seems to have some research experience. And also because I recently got accepted to Waterloo for Optometry and now I am having second thoughts about my career decision. I don't know if my stats are worth declining their offer, going back to finish fourth year, and applying to med schools this year...


But thanks for your responses!

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Why not accept it and apply while doing your first year of Opt?


That's a good idea and I have thought of that. Is it possible though? Because I've never heard of someone doing this, and I don't even know how you would indicate this on the application (graduate?)

But the downsides are that I won't be able to apply to Western, I'd have to pay 15-20 grand for tuition/books/equipment (I'm on a full scholarship right now and it would still apply for fourth year), and worst of all, I'd be really distracted throughout the year with applications/interviews and also with thinking I don't really need to learn any Optometry material. That would be horrible if I don't get accepted to med

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