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Biomedical Ethics Session

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There was a limited number of spots. As such only about 40 people have the opportunity to actually go see her. Those who responded to the PMC email before the spots ran out and those who received an email from PMC confirming their spot will be allowed to see her



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Anyone know when and where that Biomedical Ethics professor is holding a session to talk about the ethics in medicine?.

I just heard about it but not sure about the details, if you know please tell, I would greatly appreciate it.

Good luck


What is this? haha, I had never even heard about it...?


You know, it could work the other way around and those of us that won't get to see it may come off as more genuine and less cookie-cutter rehearsed sounding. :)

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Yea I thought it was a little strange that there were so little seats for it as well? I suppose part of the competitive nature of medical applications calls for such.


you guys aren't really missing any. I know the person who's supposed to give a speech about ethics. I took her ethics classes before and she'll teach you how aristole, WD Ross, Gilligan, etc. would solve a medical dillema.


so it's not like you're going to tell your interviewer "well according to aristotle and plato, blah blah blah"


and she has a very thick eastern european accent so you wont understand hav of vhat;) she'z zaying.

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Welp, just got home from the Dr. Woodhouse talk.


I would like to say she was helpful, mainly because she covered things that I had not thought about.


We didn't go through anything about Aristotle or any other Philosopher for that matter.


I think she really just reinforced things that have already come up in discussions; with friends and for the mock MMI. In that sense, it was beneficial to know at least that what I have been doing is along the lines of what I should be doing.


I don't think not going will have a negative effect on anyone. I think by now, if you aren't prepared there really is not much anyone could do to get you to that point.


All the same, I am glad I went and now extremely excited/nervous/anxious for the actual thing!


Saturday cannot come fast enough!!


Once again, good luck to everyone!

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