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I saw this from the time I started applying but now am really wondering what it is. I get that if you are rural u may be assessed a score that helps your overall score.


But what is the academic co-efficient? What does that take into account because gpa and mcat are already factored in.


o and does anyone know how the rural co-efficient is scored?


Thanks! Good luck to all!

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From this year's Applicant Information Bulletin:


"The Admissions Committee evaluates advance academic attributes in the following three (3) domains:

• Ph.D.

• peer-reviewed publications

• academic appointments"


Not sure how exactly they obtain your coefficient but they are multiplied by your sub-totalled score:


(15%AGPA + 40%MCAT + 45%MMI) X (rurality co-efficient if >0) X (academic co- efficient if >0)


The added value from each of your academic and rural coefficients can't exceed 13% of the overall score. Hope that helps.

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