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The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam


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I have a new copy that I am willing to sell. PM me if you are interested


Hey guys,


So looking around, I want to buy this guide from the AAMC called "The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam" that's about 400 pages. However, it doesn't ship to Canada - I was wondering if anyone had a copy to sell? Or is there a torrent available?


Thanks :)

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Any reviews on the book? I have 3 weeks to go and have 3 more aamc tests left. I was thinking whether the book is worth it.


This book has two parts, where part I (Page 1-60) gives information on MCAT i.e. overall format, other related info, applicant data, etc. Part II contains information on MCAT, specifically for Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and WS. So the overall outline is:



1. Overview of MCAT exam

2. MCAT Fundamentals: Leading up to the exam

3. Go for Launch: Test-Day process and procedures

4. All about MCAT scores

5. Your MCAT scores as part of the decision-making process

6. To retake or not to retake: That is the Question...

7. The strategy mystique: Debunking the Myths



8. PS (IV passages plus 7 discrete questions on Physics and V passages plus 5 discrete questions on Chemistry)

9. BS (V passages plus 8 discrete questions on Biology and III passages plus 5 discrete questions on Organic Chemistry)

10. VR (VI passages)

11. WS (They give you 6 essay samples and provide score explanation)

12. Practice effectively



I found Chemistry passages are way too easy, but other passages were reasonably fine, though I do believe that this book is more like a resource than practice material. I will say ya sure its worth it...


[and no I do not work for AMCAS...lol jk) ;)

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I like the book. It doesn't cost too much either, and there is a deal where you can get it and a practice test for pretty cheap.


There is not a ton of material (about 6 passages for each subject), but it is straight from the AAMC, so I found it closer to the test than the prep company materials. I found the full length tests to be more a more accurate representation, but this book is second best after that.

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