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Physician Lifestyle?

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1. What type of doc do you want to be?

2. Where do you want to practise?


If you own your own clinic - it depends - how many other docs are there. Obviously a new business takes quite a bit of work but once it's running it gets easier. Starting up medical practise is stressful and the first year is rough because you are a) a new doc and there's a lot you don't see in residency(a lot of office garbage is not seen in residency and you'll be running to your books a lot). B) they don't teach you anything about running a business in med school ie incorporate, don't incorporate, share, don't share, how to get a good MOA??


Hours are up to you - are you financially motivated? Maybe you'll want to work salary at Children's.


I know several part time docs. I know docs that work 4 days 12 or so hours and then take a 3 day weekend. I know one doc that works 1 24 hr shift per week and then sleeps for a whole day and has the rest of the week off.


What can kill you is your call-schedule and the quality of your group. If you're in a sub-par group and your call is 1 in 4 - if you have a lazy individual or two in your group your call may be more like 1 in 2 because you won't trust them to take care of your inpatients. Call that is 1 in 4(or more) is nice.


Remember that lifestyle is an important consideration in med. Once you're in you'll realize that certain specialties are known to be "lifestyle" specialties(derm, med genetics, med onc, rad, nephro(community), anaesthesia at one of the 9-5 hospitals with no emergency after hours stuff. It's an important consideration.

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you could be like the antibiotic/benzo doc across from my house, he rarely spends over 3 minutes with you and often asks you what the medication you need re-filled does... i imagine he makes a lot of money, doesn't work a bunch (9-5), and feels very little stress since he refers pretty much anything besides the flu or the occasional std.


on the other hand you can be a neurosurgeon working 110 hours a week for less than the aforementioned government drug dealer.


you really have to be a bit more specific ;) , what specialty, how many partners, etc?


What's a physician's lifestyle like?

If a physician out of residency sets up his own clinic, how competitive will the market be in metro-are in vancouver?

Also how much hours per week are you looking at when you own your own clinic? (Like walk-in clinic)

How stressful is the work itself?

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