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Guest skiboot



I've read through some of the old posts regarding the best books to purchase for the mcat, and was wondering where I could purchase a complete set of the course materials for either the Princeton or Kaplan course. I spoke with a representative from the Princeton Review who indicated that they do not sell the materials separately, so I'm trying to find a second hand set from someone who has already written the test.


I thought of just purchasing the kaplan or princeton comprehensive book, but wanted to get all the materials that are available with the course. I don't really want to attend the prep classes, so I'm a bit hesitant to fork out the $1200-$1600 for the course, but without doing this, I'm finding it difficult to get my hands on the course materials.


Any suggestions on where the best place would be to look for a second hand set of materials, or is there another way that I can approach this?



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