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Which schools I should apply to?

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Hi guys,


Just need some input on which schools I should apply to. I will be applying for the first and last time for US schools both DO's and allopathics. I have made my decision as for the DO's but not on the allopathics yet.

I am a mature applicant from BC. Rejected 2x after interview at UBC. Took MCAT already 5 times (English as second language and did not get to use English daily until the day I came to Canada in 1996) and the last one was in 2009 (11PS 7VR 12BS Q) and therefore, no more MCAT ever. Since most med schools in the US would like MCAT no older than 3 years, I will not be able to apply next year. My AMCAS overall GPA is around 3.68.


There are soooo many allopathic med schools to choose from. However, I do realize that my application is quite weak and therefore, I decided not to apply to top tier schools.


So far, these are some of the lists I gathered so far. Please let me know what you think.


Oakland University

Med college of Wisconsin

Loma Linda


Suny Upstate

NY Medical college


St Louis University




Howard College of medicine



Pennsylvania State University



University of Connecticut

George Washington

Rosalind Franklin university

University of Kentucky


Boston university

Wayne State

University of Minnesota

Washington university of St Louis

New York University


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Case Western Reserve

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A lot of the schools you picked dont accept Canadians (Stony brook, north carolina)


You still have a lot of mid tiers or top tiers that is out of your range (Wash U, Dartmouth, NYU etc). You should really check their website for the average stats of their matriculants.


That being said, your 7VR may be a problem because many schools will screen you out. I would focus mostly on DOs and apply to 2 or 3 MD schools like Wayne State, CMS, VCU that are low tier and are somewhat Canadian friendly

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to be honest, it's not the VR 7 that will keep out that much as the fact that you wrote the MCAT 5 times. The U.S schools are very weary of this and to be blunt, i'd save my money, rewrite and stick to canadian schools (or carrib, aus, ireland)


AMCAS is really expensive and you'll end up paying around 2500 dollars for those schools.

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If you really want to be a physician, I would suggest looking into the DO schools in the states. Their MCAT requirements tend to be lower than the allopathic schools. This might be a viable option, in addition to applying to some of the lower tier schools that are Canadian friendly. In addition Howard and Meharry are historically African-American schools, so if that doesn't apply to you, you might want to save your money.

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