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Hi guys I just finished the 1st year of university (I'm in Qc, so it's 1st year out of 3 years) and I started to prepare for MCAT - aiming to take the test by Sep. 2011.


So here's where I'm at:

biology: studied 2 bio courses in CEGEP + some lower level (200s) Anatomy/Physiology/Biology in McGill (major in anatomy & cell biology)


general chem: studied 2 general chem in CEGEP (that's it)


organic chem: only took first organic course in CEGEP, haven't take the 2nd yet (next semester)


physic: studied the 3 physic courses in CEGEP


PS. for those who aren't familiar with the quebec CEGEP system...CEGEP year 1 is similar to grade 12 in other provinces, and CEGEP year 2 is similar to first year university in a 4 year program.


I finished reading the KAPLAN PREMIER (the big book with all subjects in it) and is currently doing the few questions in it (~34 for each topic..)


I find that the chemistry/organic part is challenging because

1- I forgot quite a bit of material since I took the general chem course 3 years ago

2-I didn't take the 2nd half of organic course yet


So now I am a bit lost...What should I do next? Should I start by reviewing the material I am not sure about or should I simply start doing practice questions?


Also if I should start doing practice questions, which book do you guys recommend?? I am thinking of the EK1001 for BS/PS and EK101 for VR.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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