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McMaster vs Western for undergrad

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Hey, I'm in my final year at high school and I'm having a hard time deciding on where I should study for my undergrad. I have been admitted to Western's Biomed program and McMaster's life sciences program. I will be staying in residence, and my average is 93-94% if that matters. I had some questions:

1) I hear that medical schools in Canada don't care where you did your undergrad, but U.S medical schools take your school's reputation into consideration. So, which university do you think has a better reputation: McMaster or Western?

2) To those who are currently in medical school or will be attending medical school: which university did most of the students complete their undergrad? (i.e are most people from Western, Mac, Uoft.... etc)

3) Which university is better in terms of being able to get a higher gpa, and do you think all the partying at Western would affect my GPA?

Thanks for the help!:)

By the way, I got into UofT Engineering Science and Uoft Life Sciences as well.

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Hi Cena,


Both Mac and Western are great schools, I don't think American schools would look at one differently than the other. Most people I know who went into medicine and dentistry did their undergrad at Western, but that may just be my group of friends. There is partying everywhere, and if you're disciplined (which you probably are with a 93%) the fun-loving reputation of Western shouldn't keep you from your goals.


My only word of caution is if you are looking for that stellar gpa, stay away from U of T. It's possible to get high grades here, but the competition is very tough.


Good luck!!

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Little bee summed it up pretty well.


The only thing i can add is since you're looking into medical school in the states as well, any mark above an 80 from western is considered a 4.0 on the AMCAS scale.. i'm not too sure about McMasters but i don't think they have it as lenient.

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Well I can only speak for UofT, but I think the difficulty is over exaggerated. It's true first year courses have C+ average, but it's similar at other universities as well. In terms of competition, it's something you would expect at other big Ontario universities as well. And if you live in Toronto it's really convenient to go to UofT. And plenty of people I know got into med school this year (UWO: myself, UT: couple of people, Yale: a girl I know, Duke: a classmate of mine, etc).


And partying time should only be allocated when one can take care of EC, research and studying.

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Hey everyone!

How true is it that Canadian schools do not value reputation of your Undergrad school? 

I want to pursue Dentistry. I’m deciding on whether I should choose McMaster or Western to do my undergrad, and then I wish to move on to UofT for Dentistry.

Which school do you guys think is better for me to go to for Undergrad?

I’ve heard that McMaster has a better reputation or credibility, but then again I’m not sure if UofT will really care about that.

Also, which school will provide me with a better looking GPA? Or which school has more students getting into Dental/Med School?

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