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I remember the summer before I did the MCAT I did a lot of writing for a psych NSERC and my prof made me read this book like in this first week, it was the most concise to the point book on grammar and basic style I've ever read, and use it for just about every essay I have to write.


The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White (4th Edition) a totally awesome book for learning basic grammar and style (active versus voice, when to use semi-colons effectively, how to recognize run/confusing on sentences etc.). The best thing about it it's all meat, no filler, it's only about 85 pages long and you can read it in a couple hours, but if you read it I guarantee you'll write awesome technical essays (the ideas for your essay still have to come from you, haha). It's been in print and revision for 92 years now so you know it has to be good ;)




I still totally use this book for any writing I do plus it's only like 10-20 bucks so there's not much to lose, anyhoo, hope that helps some people with the WS.

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