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Responding to offer on OMSAS and transcripts.

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All we had to do on OMSAS was reply using the SAM right? And if we got an email back saying our message was processed, we're good right? (I also mailed the cheque and form in as well).


As for the transcript, do we have to get one sent to U of T from our registrar's office, or do we just do it through the OMSAS transcript request form?


Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna make sure I got everything right haha.

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You're all set! (Responding on SAM, receiving a confirmation email that your response was received, and sending in the form + cheque).


As for the transcript, you need to request it through your registrar's office, and have them send it directly to UofT. I emailed Angela about this, and this was her response:


Please do not request your transcript through OMSAS. Please do request it directly from your Registrar - don't forget to request that it be processed after your degree has been conferred - and have them send it directly to us. Here is the address just in case:


Attn: Deborah Coombs

Undergraduate Medicine Admissions and Student Finance

Medical Sciences Building

1 King's College Circle, Room 2135

Toronto ON*M5S 1A8


Welcome to the program!

All best,




Hope this helps! :)

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The message we send using the SAM looks like this right? We don't need to do anything else after sending this message?


Haha, I'm a bit paranoid, but I wanna make sure I got everything right!


Question: Do you wish to respond to any offers of admission?




All Ontario universities will be listed, even though you may not have applied to them, or received offers from them.


An applicant may hold only one accepted offer of admission. The acceptance of a second offer of admission will automatically cancel the previous acceptance.


Applicants with offers of admission who are currently attending university must request a copy of their final transcript. Applicants who attend Ontario universities must use the online TRF to order final transcripts. This can be accessed by logging on to your submitted application and clicking on the appropriate link.

Answer: Firm Accept: University of Toronto


The University of Western Ontario

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Regarding June 30th transcripts deadline - do they need to be sent only if there is new course work/conferred degree? I ask because I've taken a year off after graduating, so there would be nothing new on my transcript. Thanks in advance for the help!


Pretty sure they only need to be sent if you were still waiting for grades, ie graduating this year. Your transcripts sent from your school for the actual OMSAS application should have included your latest transcripts :)

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