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Queens = 3 full courses = full time? Do they drop lowest 2 if you've taken 5?

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hang on.. is this a new change? I always thought Queens, if going by the best last 2 years, each year had to had a minimum of 24 credits or 4 full years... now its only 3?
It's not a recent change. There seems to be some confusion as to what constitutes full time at Queen's on this forum. I've read 4FCEs a couple times, but I've also read 3FCEs a couple times as well(in a 2008 thread). The Queen's website says it's 3FCEs though so that's the right answer. Although I think I've read on this forum that it depends on which formula is being used (cGPA vs 2 yr GPA). So that might be the cause of the confusion. I didn't see that on the website though, but I didn't really read it all that thoroughly.
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