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What are my chances at getting into American med schools with these marks?

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Hey I just had a question after reading some things online...


I'm currently a student at UWO going into my fourth and final year. During my second year, I got a mark in the 50s which would have prevented me from graduating with an honours degree, so I retook the course in third year.


My GPA was around 3.5 in first year, 2.5 in second year (I did really horrible), and in third year my GPA was 3.62.


Now my dilemma is that I only took 5.0 credits in my third year, with my repeated course being 0.5 of that 5.0. Would I be correct in saying that I cannot use my third year for application?


If so, how are my chances of actually getting into a medical school in the States?


Thanks a lot!

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You've got tough sledding ahead. You would have an extremely low chance, even without an MCAT mark having a GPA in the low 3.2's. Unless you feel like applying to DO this year, do not apply to the US. You will need a very strong 4th year to see any chance for allopathic schools.

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