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General Procedure for applying

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hey guys, I was just really confused about the whole application process and if you don't mind me asking, i have a few questions.


1) when do you usually apply (i hear there is an early june one and a later october time). do you just put everything on OMSAS or AMSAS (so all universities will get the same essays, letters of reference etc.)


2) do you recommed applying as a 3rd year student?


3) when is the best time to take the MCAT. I've already done half a semester of organic chemsitry I.... i was thinking of taking biochem next year instead of orgo II (because I saw some med schools say its ok to do that) ... would that be ok for the mcat?


Thanks so much.

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Regarding MCATs, most people take them after they've completed their second year.


You can apply after you complete your second year to schools that allow that and worst case scenario, it gives you some good practise. If you have great ECs, competive GPA, MCAT etc, you do have a chance of getting, so go for it!


RE: applying multiple times. Some schools like Ottawa have a rule that you can only apply three times, so in that case, don't apply if you know you're not competitive. From my understanding, it is certainly not looked down on by adcoms if it's your second time applying; no need to have a panic attack if you apply and don't get in ;)

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I'm going to recommend you a good book to read that is nicely written and is specific for Canadian med school applications:


So, You Want to be a Doctor, Eh? by Dr. Anne Berndi


Lots of others here have read it and it is a great resource to check out. See if your local library has it, and if not then you request they order it in for you.


1) Here is a good resource I provided in the "Official 2011/2012 Applicant Thread": http://www.oxfordseminars.ca/MCAT/mcat_profiles.php


2) In regards to applying as a third year applicant, I would recommend applying. It's much more difficult to gain acceptance (unless you have wicked stats) but at the very least it gets you used to the process.


The following thread goes over the difficulties of applying as a third year applicant:



3) Hm, after rereading this I'm not sure. Everyone is different. Some have said that it's fine to take the MCAT in second year. I would have done really badly if I didn't have critical thinking skills I gained through my third year. I'm a bit confused, though, as to why you'd like to take biochem instead of ochem II next year?

Why not take both? And where are you thinking of applying?

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