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Question regarding Western special year

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I know there are specific requirements for a special year after graduating for Western Medical School. I was wondering if there is anything like a special year for western dentistry as well. Does it have the same requirements?


The only thing I found regarding special years on their dentistry FAQ was the following:

“Repeat years and special years which closely resemble academic years taken during an undergraduate program (in course content and/or level of difficulty) will be averaged together with the corresponding academic year.”



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You missed:


Special Years: Academic years involving no program requirements may be included in the average for in the admissions process and deemed a Special Year if the applicant is not registered in any undergraduate degree program and meets the following parameters:


During the previous undergraduate degree education, the student must have achieved at least one A-level year (80% or higher)

The Special Year contains a full course load - at least five full courses or equivlent , four of which are equal in difficulty to those courses at Western which are coded 2000 or above.

The complemen of courses in the Special Year must not appear to be a repeat of a year taken within the student's undergraduate degree.

A mimimum of 80% is achieved in the Special Year. The Admissions Committee will allow two Special Years on a candidate's transcript should the applicant not achieve 80% in the first Spcial Year attempt, however only the higher one will be considered as a competitive year.

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