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Best 2 Years Policy - General Questions

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Some schools like mentioned in a thread from this section mention that they take into account only your best 2 years of GPA.


What if you did this:


Academic Year 1: Summer- Fall - Winter

Academic Year 2: Summer- Fall - Winter

Academic Year 3: Summer- Fall - Application to Med School


For a 4 years program.


Would they take the best combination of 6 semesters (2 years) or would they disregard Summer - Fall of the year of application?


Thank you!

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No. They'd only count your first two years.


You submit your application in Fall of your third year, so no grades.


Your best two years are basically (Year 1: Fall-Spring) + (Year 2: Fall-Spring)


Sorry for the confusion but I will specifically apply only to Universities in Quebec (you submit your application in January at the University level). Would they (or not) consider my fall?

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