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Suggestions for Bird 1st year courses at York University?

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I need to take one half year (3.00 credit) course to fill up my schedule, and I really don't know what else to take.

Does anyone have suggestions for easy courses to take? It would be really helpful if you also mentioned the name of the prof.

While i'm starting a new thread, does anyone have any advice on which MATH 1505 (Mathematics for life sciences) and CSC 1520 (Computer science: fundementals) profs i should pick?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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lol, my pleasure.


Not sure what your interests are but if you are looking for something mind-numbingly easy, I took Econ 1900 (with Prof Avi Weiss).


If Econ at york are bird courses, then Econ 1900 is the yellow-rumped warbler. Things may have changed since then, as this was the first year of the course, but it felt more like a high school course. Easiest A+ ever


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He's going to be a doctor in 4 years, you should listen to his advice.

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