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Contemplating on a 5th year

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Hi guys, I wanted to ask some questions, before we start here are my stats :


1st yr: 3.73 (9 courses- I know 9? I was a dumb first year kid)

2nd yr: 3.77 (10 courses)

3rd yr: 3.62 (10 courses-the huge drop is due to some damn stupid



Here is where the question begins. Currently I am going into my fourth year and I stumbled upon a dilemma. Do I decide to not purposely graduate, so I can take easier 4th yr courses to boost my GPA and then return for a fifth to finish my bachelors with a minor.


I am very concerned because I believe my wGPA will not be high enough for uOttawa, toronto (as well as the GPA booster), and not even be looked at by Western because they want your best 2 years but since first year i took 9 courses and with my third year I did not meet the 3/5 courses of for the year with which you are enrolled- As well as another other Canadian medical schools.


Now will medical schools view my application any differently because I purposely did not graduate; but my hope is to do better in 4th year and then graduate after a 5th year finally with my major and a minor( to show I did something)? I'm confused guys

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When you mean 10 courses, do you mean 10 full-year courses or 10 half year courses?


Many people here have also done 5th years to bring their GPA up, so you're not a first. As much as I have read on this forum, no, med schools will view your application indiscriminately of whether or not you intentionally do a 5th. So long as you have the clear GPA and MCAT scores.

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full year course can either mean a course that runs the whole year, or 2 half year courses. So Intro chem I and chem II would be considered a full year course.


Regardless, I don't think anyone can rack up 10 full year courses in one year. That would be the equivalent of doing 2 years worth of course work in 1 year.

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