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using too many materials?


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hi all


i am taking the kaplan course, but am not attending classes, i will just be listening to lectures and using their practice tests/quizzes/other materials. i also have the EK review books.


physics and gen chem are my worst subjects so i want to get the berkeley review books to study from those. i have the nova book but have not really started to look at it. studying from my kaplan MCAT physics book goes SUPER slow and it's very annoying. i have done no physics since 2005 and even then i sucked at it.


what i'm worried about though, is spreading myself too thin. should i concentrate on just EK, or just TBR, or just kaplan and learn what is there well, or is it generally better to use many different resources? i'm writing end of july, might push it to end of august depending on how well/bad these 2 months go.


so......better to use many different materials, or stick to one type only? and if i should stick with just one book for physics and gen chem, as someone who really lacks even a beginner level understanding of these subjects, which book should i use? i am aiming for a high score and am willing to put in the time required.


thanks! :)

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Well, you should only need one book to get a feel for the topics covered, but the more books you have, the more practice problems at your disposal. I personally used the online Kaplan material (which is gold, by the way) to prepare for the BS and PS sections. There is a LOT of material on your online syllabus and it took me about a week, 7-8 hours a day, to get through all of it once (not including practice exams). I scored 14 on both PS and BS so I think just the online Kaplan material was sufficient for me.

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