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Hey i just got my acceptance from RCSI-bahrain. There are couple of questions that i have.

-First off all as a canadian student how is ur experience at RSCI-bahrain, (by that i mean the quality of education, student-prof relations).

- What are chances and aspects of coming back to canada?

-what are accreditation that university has, is it recognized in canada and the US.

-Have any of the recent graduates been successful in getting a residency match.

-Will the degree from RCSI-bahrain be recognized and issued by the national university of ireland (NUI), and will it be considered the same as a degree from RSCI-Dublin in the Canadian eyes (as in no difference between the degrees)


I know these are a lot of questions, but if anyone can offer me any help..plz plz plz plz let me know.

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OK guys i just came back from RCSI bahrain, and i must say its a pretty impressive university. There are three teaching hospitals and its main teachin hospital (king hamad hospital) is big


The only drawback is that there is no accommodation provided by the university, so u gotta look for some.


I am plannin to attend now, drop me a pm if u have any questions..

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I have been accepted at RCSI for Fall 2011. Would anyone know of successful grads from RCSI that have been matched to a Residency Program in Canada?



unfortunately no, since there have only been 2 grad classes so far... but i have heard that there are a few applying to the canadian resdiency match, for the 2012 graduating class, (next year)

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hey path finder, I considering coming to RCSI Bahrain for JC3 and had few questions hope you don't mind, what year are you in and how do you like it there, how has the political turmoil effected you, and how can one find student accommodation. thank you

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