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Anyone taken PMCOL425?

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Just looking at classes for next semester...


Has anyone ever taken this course before? How was it? Give me some feedback. :)



Problem Solving in Pharmacology and Therapeutics

problem solving Note: This course is retricted to students in the Pharmacology program Winter term, T R 14:00 - 15:30

Coordinator: Dr. M. Davies

Grading: There is no midterm or final examination. Marks are based on the following: a midterm paper based on one of the problems covered in class; a final paper in which the student must construct and solve a therapeutic problem; participation in the group discussions.


An important part of any undergraduate program is learning how to apply knowledge gained from several courses in a real-world manner. This is a course where senior students get to use their knowledge of pharmacology to solve problems in therapeutics. These problems typically focus on identifying the kinds of drugs used to treat certain medical conditions, identifying their mechanisms of action and determining their potential to cause side-effects. Each problem is covered in two sessions: in the first, the students discuss the problem and identify any gaps in knowledge. In the second session, they share their research on the problem and arrive at a consensus on how the problem is best solved.

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I've taken it.. good class cause I had a great professor during my last year in pharmacology. It's basically about 6 students in a room given a case and then you discuss it and you come up with learning issues in addition to the questions already assigned in the case.

It's basically discovery learning in medicine except I found it to be much more intense.

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