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I really need help

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I am going to start my second year undergrad studies this fall, and I have a high GPA but I havnt done ANY extra curricular activities yet. I am really stressed out now... and I need a way to gain my confidence again...Wherever I want to volunteer they want good level of communication skills or previous experience, which I dont have.

Even I can not take part in research because the professors do not accept me. I think I never can gain any experience and my dream to become a doctor is just fading away.....:(

I haven't received any help from any friends or professors till now.:(

Can some body please give me an advice what to do and how to start?




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First of all, no need to be stressed out:)


Which university do you go to? If it's a research-heavy university (or even if it isn't), it shouldn't be that hard to find a volunteering position. Don't ask for a paid position if you're having trouble finding one. I suggest randomly emailing 20 profs that you find interesting and telling them that you have good grades (attach a resume, and a transcript - profs like to know that you're academically capable). Remember to state that you'd be happy with any kind of volunteering work. Be as flexible with your availabilities as you can and I'm sure someone out there will realize they need that extra help.


As for other ECs, not all places require previous experience. And communications skills are skills that have to be continuously honed anyway. I suggest you try peer mentoring, or tutoring. Tutoring really enhances your communication skills, because you learn how to best convey a message to someone else. There are plenty of volunteering tutoring positions open to anyone who has the time to tutor (perhaps high school kids or first year students, considering you have good grades from first year). And also, I don't know where you live, but if you live in a big city, there must be tons of clinical volunteering settings, such as hospitals or special needs centres. Those places usually require time commitment and specific security clearances, rather than superb communication skills, and are in fact a great way to start interacting with people and developing those skills. In addition to that, you could try to work at a telemarketing company, where you learn to market something simply based on your oral communications skills, so you will inevitably learn a lot from there.


In short, I think there's tons of time for you. If you're free this summer, try to get started on as many things that appeal to you to figure out ones that you really want to stick with. And as long as you're working with people, you will develop communications skills. Remember, everyone seeks volunteers, so look out for volunteering rather than paid opportunities. Also, based on your post, your communications skills sound fine:)


Good luck and don't stress!

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There are a few sites to find volunteer positions out there. One that comes to mind is Charity Village. You can also try care homes for the elderly. I started volunteering at a care home in grade 9 with no experience, so I'm sure you would be able to find a position.


Try and look for a local Rotaract Club. It's an international service club and they organize projects. You can even organizing events after you get some experience. Aside from volunteering, try to get into team sports if sports are your thing. I've learned immensely from dragon boating for 6 years.


A last note, if the only reason you're volunteering is to put it on your med school application, then you're less likely to enjoy it and grow from it. Find something you like doing!

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There are soup kitchens feeding the homeless and the poor, food banks, shelters for women, Big Brother, Big Sister, elderly homes where you can chat with the lonely elderly, reading to or helping the blind, both youth and the elderly. It does not need to be organized activities. An elderly or disabled neighbour may need assistance in shopping, getting the mail, doing the laundry, someone who is wheelchair bound would appreciate being taken on a wheeled walk, the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

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