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Does anyone know of any 1 bedroom places near Foothills that are available for rent? I am coming from Vancouver to look at places this weekend and haven't been very successful so far finding places on padmapper, rentfaster, or kijiji..Don't want this to be a waste of a trip, so does anyone know of anything?!

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http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_221516377864003&ap=1 there is a fair bit on the facebook group going around, apartment trading and such.


You can also expand outwards from foothills by looking at places that are on any of the following bus routes which go directly to the hospital:

Route 91

Route 40

Route 20 (but not too far into the SW)

Route 419


Anything on the N/S trainline is also not bad, you can either go to Lion's Park and transfer onto the 91/40 or go to University Station and walk, about 15 minutes.


Route 19/119, route 9, and route 73 also all go to a stop at Unwin Road and University Drive, which is about 10 minutes' walk from Foothills. I live on route 19 and have never had problems getting to and from the hospital, as long as I'm willing to do some work (or in the case of school, study) on the bus in the winter now and again.


If you rely on the bus in calgary you should have a car available for the 3-4 days a year the bus simply can't make it due to road conditions. I wouldn't be surprised if you can find another med student willing to give you a ride though.

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There are several condo buildings in Marda Loop/Garrison Woods and near Mount Royal University (Lincoln Park) that are right on the #20 bus line (less than 15 minutes on the bus at rush hour, 7-10 minute drive).


Here are a few links so you know the areas and the prices (nice area, so they tend to be pricier...):










Good luck!!

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rentfaster is incredible. When I moved out here last summer I just went on the site EVERY day for a month and eventually something perfect popped up.


Same thing happened since May 13th. I looked every day for a 1 bdrm condo downtown until finally something perfect showed up and I snatched it. Just be patient.

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