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This is my first time registering for an MCAT and I just wanted to double check with someone the consent part.


Under MCAT recruiting services, I checked off No.


Under Release to Undergraduate Health Professions Advisor, I checked off No. ***

"I hereby authorize the AAMC to release a record of my test scores, as derived from the administration of this edition of the MCAT, to the health professions advisor and the health professions advisory committee of the undergraduate institution that will provide my letters of evaluation to schools of medicine and/or where I will complete the courses required for application to medical school. "


Under The Medical Minority Applicant Registry, I checked off No.


Under AAMC Services and Products, I checked off No.


Under Eligible Examinee,

2 parts: Yes, I am taking the MCAT exam in order to apply soley to a health professions school. ???


I am currently enrolled in a health professions school. I checked off NO, it won't let me register if I put yes.., (at UofA nursing)


Could someone confirm I did this correctly :)

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