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Hey everyone,


I am in the process of choosing courses for my 3rd year at the University of Waterloo, and in order to satisfy UOttawa med's requirement of 2 humanities/soc. sci, I will need to take one of these courses this upcoming fall term.


Another thing is that since 2 of my courses in the fall will be 2nd year, this course must be 3rd year (to meet the 60% "your year or above" course level requirement), and I don't really have prereqs for most arts courses (I am not in arts).


What courses (preferably not too difficult), would you recommend/have you taken?


Right now I am thinking of either ENGL 306A (intro to linguistics) with Afros, or PHIL 328 (Human Rights) with Orend. Which would you choose (and why?)?


Thanks for your help!!!!!



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