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Question on Canadian DAT Preparation

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Hi, I know this sort of question gets posted a lot, but none of the threads I've read really matches my case so I thought I'd post it.


I'm interested in taking the Canadian DAT in November '11, and was looking for preparation kits/guides. Last summer, I took the Kaplan MCAT Preparation course so I have all the materials from that which included the classroom lesson book, and the various textbooks and flashcards. It also comes with many practice tests.


I didn't think purchasing a Kaplan DAT prep kit would be a good idea since the Canadian and American tests are slightly different. But I'm unsure.


So I was wondering if purchasing the CDA preparation kit is enough to practice for the manual dexterity component of the DAT? Or would you suggest I purchase other materials in addition to that to study for the other components as well?



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