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Just thought we could introduce ourselves and see who else is out there that will be in our class! Perhaps look for housing together if needed etc.


I am a Waterloo coop grad originally from Ottawa. I have technically only provisionally accepted but most likely won't move enough on the UoT waitlist and besides Western is growing on me!!!


I will be looking for roomates. I'm thinking 3-5 in a house/appartment/condo whatever. Close to the Elborn college side of campus. I am very clean and actually like to clean when I'm bored (my current roomates will tell you the same.). Willing to live with males but would prefer majority female house.


Msg me for my contact info and you can find me on FB as well. :)



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Aww no one is replying. :)


I am from Toronto and went to York Uni. I have firmly accepted UWO, male, and looking for roommates as well. I'd like to have one but more is perfectly fine with me.


Hope to see everyone in class soon.




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Hi There,


Just wanted to let UWO PT Students know that Scotiabank offers a $40,000 Professional Student LOC as low as prime + 1% with no interest or principle payments required until 12 months after graduation.

- Unlimited transactional chequing account

- $1,000 account overdraft protection

- Free personalized cheques

- Free Scene Movie/Snack rewards debit card

- $5,000 ScotiaGold Travel Rewards Visa card (annual fee waived)


Please feel free to email or call me for more details or to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.



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