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Hi There,


Just wanted to let UWO OT Students know that Scotiabank offers a $40,000 Professional Student LOC as low as prime + 1% with no interest or principle payments required until 12 months after graduation.

- Unlimited transactional chequing account

- $1,000 account overdraft protection

- Free personalized cheques

- Free Scene Movie/Snack rewards debit card

- $5,000 ScotiaGold Travel Rewards Visa card (annual fee waived)


Please feel free to email or call me for more details or to arrange an appointment to discuss your options.



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Hi everyone!

I was just wanting to get to know some people in the program before September! :)


I just graduated from University of Windsor with a Biology degree with a minor in Biochemistry!


Excited for September :)! woot


hey hey hey~ me me me~ im goin to western ot~~~~~~

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