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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Time Stamp: 8:38 am EDT Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted GPA: 3.79 + MSc(PT) = 3.99 ECs: Grew up in ++rural and remote NWO community. New grad PT in neuro rehab; Campus EMS (4 years); coached

I am sorry I could not post this yesterday. I ended up having to stay late at work for a bunch of unexpected issues that we had to fix, got home super late before I could open the email and after all

Time Stamp: 9:02 am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted GPA:  3.75 + 0.2 (MA) = 3.95  ECs: : Lots of travel, varied work experience, outdoorsy things, organic farming, campus first response, wilde

Time Stamp: 8:25 am 
Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Accepted!
Gpa: 3.95
ECs: pretty varied, no pubs tho, a lot of healthcare experience, volunteer with youth program for years etc.
Trad or Non-trad?: Totally non-trad....in various healthcare roles for 10yrs...
Decision (will you accept your offer)?: YES! East campus!

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Time Stamp: 8:47AM
Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Waitlist #34
Gpa: 3.95 (3.75 UG + .2 MA)
ECs: Extremely varied. Lots of travel, varied work experience, outdoorsy things, organic farming, campus first response, wilderness first aid, hospital/community health/aboriginal health/family health volunteering.
Trad or Non-trad?: About as non trad as they come.  (32 years old) 
Decision (will you accept your offer)? N/A
Campus - N/A


Third time applying.  I have been ranked approx. 20 spots higher each year on the waitlist.  It is time, however, to start a Plan B that might compliment a future career in medicine.  I will likely be applying to PA / Nursing programs as well as NOSM's MD program this coming application cycle.


Congratulations to successful applicants!  For those, like me, that didn't make it, I encourage you to keep applying.  Nothing good comes easy.

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I'm late for posting this.. I thought I should post considering how much I have used this forum throughout the years. 


Time stamp: 8:35am

Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Accepted


Gpa: 3.71
ECs: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Best Buddies, 4 year commitment in club with various exec positions, co-founder of a youth leadership club, research, etc. Bilingual (french and english)
Trad or Non-trad?: Trad
Decision (will you accept your offer)? Accepted
Campus - East

2nd time applying. First time I wasn't even on the the wait list. 

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Time Stamp: 8:35am on Tuesday May 12

Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Accepted (Thunder Bay campus)

GPA: 3.74

EC's: Did a co-op degree so lots of research on my work terms, was on a first-aid team for 4 years (held an exec position for a few terms), recreational soccer - nothing too crazy

Trad or Non-trad? Trad

Decision: It was really difficult but I ended up declining this offer for a different school 


Other points:

-This was my first time applying to NOSM since I'm just finishing my undergrad degree this year 

-I am from a rural area but not from Northern Ontario - I was strongly discouraged from applying to this school because I had "absolutely no chance". So to anyone who isn't originally from Northern Ontario it is definitely still possible for you to have a shot at this great school :) (note: I want to work in a rural area when I'm done and I'm completely flexible as to where in Canada that rural area would be so I think that definitely contributed to me getting as far as I did)


Hope this helps!

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Time Stamp: 9:07 AM

Accepted/Waitlist #/Regrets: Accepted!
GPA: 3.95 
ECs: I honestly just tried to do a bunch of things I was passionate about and balance work, life, academics and community involvement. I have worked/taught/danced for over 17 years, I do a lot with older and vulnerable populations, I have some research both lab work and interviewing people, and multiple awards. All of these happened in Northwestern Ontario where I am from.
Decision (will you accept your offer)? Yes
Campus: Thunder Bay

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Time Stamp: 9:13am
Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted
GPA: 3.74 + .2 (MA) = 3.94
ECs: Lots of travel, varied work experience, outdoorsy things, organic farming, campus first response, wilderness first aid, hospital/community health/aboriginal health/family health volunteering. Shadowed 2 NOSM preceptor family physicians at a family health team in rural North Eastern Ontario for the past two years, as well as worked on several community preventative medicine projects as a volunteer with the health team.  Also working with a local Aboriginal Organization on a community kitchen project.  Experience working in traditional healing settings with residential school survivors.Decision (will you accept your offer)?

Decision (will you accept your offer)? N/A

Campus: N/A


It appears NOSM no longer reveals where you are on the waitlist now.  So I don't really know what to feel.  Hopefully I can sneak in there.  Congratulations to all accepted applicants.

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Time Stamp: 8:46 am
Accepted/Waitlist #/Regrets: Accepted 
GPA: 3.79 (+0.2) for MSc. 
ECs: They were pretty broad, but nothing extraordinary. I have some research, some work in a mentor program for underprivileged youth, extra-curricular sports, some academic awards, I have done various professional presentations and community based lectures in my field, I am involved in an inter-professional practice group at the hospital where I work, I have completed some specific pediatric specializations after I graduated, I have done some work in the mental health field, I have involved myself in different organizations which support cancer research and families affected by cancer. 
Decision (will you accept your offer)? I am unsure whether I will accept at this point in time. 
Campus: I was accepted to East but indicated West as preferred Campus. 


This was my first time applying and I am also a Mature applicant. I am not sure if that helps anyone who plans to apply in the future. Good luck to everyone on here. I have read a lot of these posts over the past few days and they are quite inspiring. 

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Time Stamp: 9:44am

Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted
ECs: Aboriginal, Francophone. Allied health x 9 years, multiple leadership roles (student council, health care). ++ volunteering over the years (sporting events, sexual health). Sports: half marathons, Caribou Charity Ride, Sibley ski tour, cultural dancing group as a teenager/young adult.
Decision (will you accept your offer)? Likely decline in favour for my first choice school. Haven't yet pulled the trigger though.
Campus: West


Edit: Just pulled the trigger. I declined my offer for NOSM. Best of luck everyone!!

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Time Stamp: May 10th 9:07

Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlisted
GPA: 3.85 + 0.2 Masters in Public Health
ECs: Varied, ++ experience in the health care field (currently work as a NP), multiple committees related to my profession, program development (new Paeds program at local hospital), leadership roles including preceptorship of NP students. Some volunteer work. Also experience working in remote northern communities.
Decision: N/A

​Interview: Didn't feel positive about it….some stations went well but others I was unsure of.

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I am sorry I could not post this yesterday. I ended up having to stay late at work for a bunch of unexpected issues that we had to fix, got home super late before I could open the email and after all that adrenaline building up and my nearly passing out, I couldn't get back on here to post. There were no groceries at home today (my fridge has never been so empty, ended up waiting till the last minute with all that's been going on) so I had nothing to eat until dinner...and we just had to be out getting food during the day so we wouldn't die of starvation...I was nearly passing out by the time I got some food in me. I am overwhelmed by the number of messages I have gotten in the day and am so sorry that others who have been conversing, posting and supporting me have been waiting for me to share my outcome. I had promised  earlier regardless of outcome I would post and I hope you'll understand and forgive my tardiness!


Time Stamp: 9:36AM
Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted!
GPA: 3.98
ECs:I had a lot so I am just going to outline the major themes they fell into: community leadership with at-risk youth, hospital volunteerism, shadowing physicians, mental health advocacy and youth engagement. I have been leading teams of youth in social advocacy campaigns (many of which focus on issues that Aboriginal youth face) in N.O since I was 16. I did have some major awards I have won in my ABS sketch, I had some research (not very extensive, 2 summers and 1 throughout the school year in a minor role), 2 publications that was in Bio, 2 that were in youth mental health (that was a CIHR funded part community/part research based project)..I did not have any sports, and by and large the majority was youth-related volunteer work in some capacity. I filled up all the spots on the ABS, but had the same club/group/project that I had grown in (so different roles) as different items because they had mentioned to do that last summer in the info session. I did not list any short-term activities. I wasn't involved much on campus, except for being the student rep on the senate. The minimum commitment in any activity I listed was 3 years (senate) and most others were around 5-7 years, with one major leadership role in youth program development starting at age 15 to present day...so 14 years, and the exec director of this organization wrote me, from what he told me, an in depth and extensive reference letter and was my verifier for many of the ABS items since I co-founded and led a number of youth social justice programs for at-risk and aboriginal youth with this organization. I think consistency and leadership would have been what stood out for my ABS- consistency in working with youth in various capacities to increase their well-being, and leadership growth no matter what level I started at with any of the initiatives I was part of. I have tried to be as detailed as possible here in hopes of helping others but if you have more specific questions around EC's, please do not hesitate to PM me. I think we need to get away from saying simply "varied," or "diverse", or "broad," or "long-term." I know it is painstaking, but I think more details really help others (speaking from my experience for when I was trying to gauge my chances before).
Decision (will you accept your offer)? Incredibly grateful to have been extended an offer and will be accepting.
Campus: Sudbury, and this was my preferred campus.
Context: (What is your rural or Northern Ontario connection?) 11years+ cumulatively, did all but my last year of high school here (had a personal situation which resulted in a move), did undergrad in SO and returned after graduation
Non-trad?: Most definitely. I'm 27 and it's been a long personal journey to even get to the point where I was in a position to apply. I plan on sharing my whole story on the non-trad success stories thread when I can really sit down and create a proper post. There are some super inspiring people on here, their fight gave me strength and hopefully my story will help others.

Interview: As those who have been frequenting this board this year know, I had many doubts about my performance, but also in truth, I knew there were lots of positives about my interview. I didn't want to focus on the good aspects as much because I just thought it would be a lot more painful if I didn't make it. I also am prone to anxiety so it's hard for me not to second guess myself. I have been known by everyone close to me to be very hard on myself, and for the few things I could have done better, I probably beat myself up too much over the last few months. There are still stations that I think back on where the interviewer's stoicism made me think I did poorly...but maybe I didn't do as bad on those as I thought.

Undergrad program/university: Biology
# of previous applications: 0


I applied to one school (not because I wasn't competitive at others, for the most part, but because I literally could barely afford to apply to even one school while working side jobs because of some unexpected family circumstances where I needed to help financially), interviewed at one school, and was accepted at that one school. I am lucky that this is my top choice school. I am not saying this is the way to go because there is a lot more stress post-interview when you know all your hopes and dreams are riding on that one school's decision...you have no fall backs and can't say well, I interviewed at two or three schools so there's pretty a good chance I did well at least in one of those interviews or was a good fit for one of the schools...it's also good to apply to other schools because you may be a great candidate but just not a right fit for that particular school...but if you are in my position and you just can't apply to any others, realize that doesn't mean you can't do it, you only need one school to say yes.


I am sorry for those who didn't get in and it's even less transparent now that waitlist ranks aren't being shown.. I am willing to help for future application cycles to give a second opinion if you feel it will help you...I can only guess at what I did right but maybe it can still be useful for others. Please PM me if you want to talk. I am sure many of you who didn't get in would make great doctors and I'm saddened knowing that these deserving folks weren't given a seat and I'll bet this is a sentiment shared by even those on admissions boards across the country.

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Time Stamp: 9:57am

Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Regrets
GPA: 3.99
ECs: dance, pilates/yoga, soccer; volunteer at nursing home and in kindergarden class, soccer coach; lifeguarding and swimming instructor; baking and cooking competitions and awards; conservation club member, volunteer, leader and award winner
Decision (will you accept your offer)? N/A
Campus: N/A

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Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that this thread is for stats only.  Also, please be respectful of those who did not receive an offer of admission. Offering congratulations to successful applicants as well as related discussion can be posted in a separate thread.


Time Stamp:
Decision (will you accept your offer)?

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Time Stamp: 7:23am


Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: ACCEPTED :D


GPA: 3.85 (HBSc) + .20 Masters (Epidemiology)



- Community health outreach within FN communities

- Research investigations in NWT/NU, rural NL

- BBBS Thunder Bay (7 years)

- Varsity Athlete (3 years)

- Special Olympics Ontario, CCS, CQ volunteer (5 years)

- Hockey Coach (3 years)

- Public Health Volunteer- Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania (3 years)

- Shelter House Thunder Bay volunteer (7 years)

- Chair various board positions in TBay (1-2 years)

- TBRHSC Cancer Centre (5 years)

- Various recreational sports (XC skiing, distance runner etc.)


Campus: Thunder Bay


I have been waiting to post an acceptance in this forum for 2 years now, and cannot tell you how good this finally feels. I am in shock and cannot believe that I have finally reached my goal of getting into NOSM. For those that were not accepted today, do not give up—your time will come. For those on the waitlist, I wish you all the best of luck, and to those already accepted congratulations classmates!!

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Time Stamp: 8:09 AM
Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: ACCEPTED!!!!!!
GPA: 3.82
ECs: numerous- involvement on provincial health care panels, teaching at LU/preceptor of students, long time involvement with Girl Guides of Canada, involvement in music x years...
Decision (will you accept your offer)? Yes!!
Campus: Thunder Bay


I am writing this in somewhat of disbelief- I wasn't sure how my interview went although I know I did really well on one station and really poor on another. I think I need time for this to sink in... But super excited and thankful for this opportunity ahead!!!!!!!!!

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