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I am confused with this idea. If I have an undergraduate honours degree (U of T), and then do an accelerated program in nursing for 2 years...will I be able to use these grades towards applying to Medical School? I am confused with this idea of pass/ fail?


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Hi Immy!

I am not sure how the grading system is like for the accelerated nursing program of your choice, but I am positive that, if you received percentages or letter grades for your nursing courses, and it is a degree program for nursing science, then you should be able to use those grades towards your application to medicine.

The pass/fail components for nursing schools are more for clinical practicum, but the practice components are always attached to a theory component, which together would make up a course. For example, for maternity nursing, you will have lectures on theories and clinical nursing knowledge and you will go to hospital to get clinical practice/exposure, but you still have to write exams at the end of the maternity course, and the grade that you get will be on your transcript, which the medical admission office will look at. Of course, you will have to pass both theory and clinical component to be able to pass the course.

Hope this helps! And all the best!

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Thank you vita brevis! But just to verify, even with a pass/ fail component, it is still considered full workload?


That would depend on the number of credits that the medschool admission office deems as a "full workload". Most nursing schools nowadays that offer degree programs are credit based, especially if they are universities.


But I do agree with the idea of sending emails to all the medschools that you are interested in applying, at least you will have a better picture of what to expect and how to make the best out of your situation.

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