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Things to Submit???

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Hi everyone,


So I just became aware that I had to submit transcripts from my undergrad by June 30. I just wanted to make sure that I'm on track with everything else that has to be handed in.


- transcript by Jun 30

- criminal information check w/vulnerable sectors

- immunization form

- basic cardiac life support

- n95 mask form due orientation day


Is this everything we need to submit? Is the due date for the immunization, criminal form, and life support before class starts, and do we just email it in?


Thanks for your help!

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I think there were also some things for O-week. Read the letter from the students. There was shirt sizes and also mentorship pairing things, if I remember correctly.


Unless of course you were only talking about the "formal" documents. In which case, yes, you have them all.


Deadline I think is by O-week? It wasn't overly clear. They said to start the docs and hand them in as soon as possible.

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eeek, I was going to bring everything I had done for the first day of orientation....is that OK?


That was my thought too...essentially Immunization Form, Criminal Record Check, and CPR certificate brought to the Orientation - am I missing anything else?


Also, what were we supposed to do again re. T-Shirts and something about Aye-Aye buddies?



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I think it's fine if you bring everything in on the first day of orientation. If I remember correctly from last year, I had sent in my police record check earlier, but I don't know if that's a requirement or anything. The school is pretty good with that kind of stuff though. If they need something from you right away, and you haven't sent it in yet, they're not going to kick you out. They'll send you some friendly reminders and such. One of my buddies didn't have his immunization records in until recently.


And in regards to the T-Shirts and Aye Aye buddies, again, I'm not too sure about that. I was just told to tell everyone to submit their t-shirt sizes if they hadn't done that already. I assumed you guys would have more information about that in your emails. Best thing to do would be to ask our wonderful VP socials on the facebook group

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