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last MCAT date for OOP schools?


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Hi everyone


Due to some personal problems, I have to delay my MCAT. I want to write it on Sept 10. I am hoping to apply to:


u of t






and OOP:





I am confused about whether this test date is too late for the OOP schools. To my understanding, any date, even Sept 10th is ok for all the Ontario schools - is this correct?


The OOP schools are a bit confusing, as on their websites they just state you have to write the MCAT before the application date, but they say nothing about score release. If I write on Sept 10, my scores will be released mid-October. I will try contacting all the schools individually but I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if if write on Sept 10, if I could still apply to all those schools and not have my application disqualified due to a lack of MCAT scores.


Thank you!

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Sept 10 is fine for all the schools you have listed. Manitoba has a "last accepted MCAT date" that they'll put in their application information, but Sept 10th should end up being fine for that as well.


Do you know the last day for Dal? Is it in July?

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