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Tuition: When is is due? How does it work?

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Hello all!


I am trying to work out a budget for the next several months, and I haven't been able to find out from the U of C website when MD fees and tuition are due. As an undergrad, I recall they were due mid Sept, but I can't imagine they'd let us attend class for 1.5 months before coughing up some dough! Any current students who can tell me when tuition is due and how payments are split over the year/semesters?


Also, the applicant manual indicates:


Tuition: $14,600

General Fees: $844

Books & Instruments: $4,528 (year one), $2,830 (years two and three)


How are the costs of the fees, books and instruments spread out over the year? Or will I be shelling out $4,528 in July/Aug for a whole bunch of books and instruments? Any other hidden costs? I know we have to purchase some professional memberships during orientation...

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I was also wondering the same thing. When I click on the link for the student handbook on the website, the link doesn`t work. And the main listings for U of C refer you to the faculty of med website so...


In any case, I asked the Admissions Office when tuition is due, and they told me: Sept 30th (didn't specify amount due), and said the tuition info was included under the ucan offer information. However I don't have any tuition info listed under my offer, other than a general brochure about financial aid. So... I will have to call them back!


Anyone have any more information? Ie things we need to buy in first months other than the various membership dues?

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Tuition is not due until every other UofC students is in Sept. It will appear in your student centre once you have your UofC account set up which will be in the first week of school. Half is due in sept, half in Jan.


You have a couple hundred dollars in fees the first week (iclickers, AMA, CMSA fees) and then whatever you buy is up to you. You need a steth (they go on sale when the new class starts, I think it was ~160?) and any books you buy is up to you. Most people get a good anatomy book, maybe a general medicine book, and toronto notes (all for under $400). You can go without these though. You also have access to lots of online reference materials and textbooks too. Lots of people use none.


So in short - anything you buy aside from your tuition, fees, and steth is really up to you - they just give you an estimate for student loans, bursaries, etc.


I guess other 'hidden fees' would be vacations, events, etc. There is a lot of that here - much more money is spent on this sort of stuff than instruments:)

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