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So i'm about to enter fourth year. My first 2 years were graded years, but my last two years are pass fail that do not count towards my GPA. Therefore, my GPA only includes my first year which includes some terrible marks (60s and 59) and my second year which includes one failed course. My overall gpa (using the first two years) is a terrible 2.8.

I'm still passionate about one day attending medical school and am wondering if I should complete a second degree? Retake the poorly completed courses? Complete a masters program? Or is there basically no hope left?


Any advice would be much appreciated!


Thanks :)

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You still have a chance, considering universities like Ottawa only look at the last three years. Now that you know the dos and the don'ts of studying, focus on your second degree, regardless of how you performed in your first.


There's always hope.

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