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who to list as a verifier?

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hi guys


question about verifiers.......i was a part of a couple of clubs in undergrad, i was a "lower exec" in most of them. who should i put as the verifier:


1) coordinator of the department/admin staff in the department (for departmental unions) OR a volunteer coordinator for other organizations

2) president of the club

3) someone else who was also an exec


i think people in admin positions are more reliable verifiers....but what do you guys think, what do you usually put down? and also, if the president of the club is no longer available or you do not want to list them as they are unreliable due to their busy schedule, is it ok to list someone else who was an exec who you know would be able to reply within a reasonable time period? or would this be looked down upon that you listed someone else who was also a "lower exec" like marketing director or something?


thank you! :)

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