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I'm debating it... It sounds like tons of fun, but I am already shadowing a GP July 18-22, and I think I'd like to spend my last few days before school with family and my partner.


BUT... learning suturing and casting would be so fun!!

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I'm Dr. David Keegan, the lead faculty member for medzero.


We'll be posting an agenda soon to our website (medzero.ca).


So far 102 of your soon-to-be classmates have signed up!


Bottom line:


Monday - breakfast - casting - lunch - suturing - supper

Tuesday - breakfast - advanced suturing & punch biopsy - boxed lunch - done!


Hope to see you there -


Any questions? email medzero@ucalgary.ca.


Take it easy,



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I'm not sure if it had anything to do with my post last night saying 102 of you had signed up, but we're up to 127 by the end of today!


Don't worry, we've got our plans long in place to handle the full class, so even if we have more students signing up, you will all get great food, great exposure, great casting, suturing, and biopsying!


David Keegan





any questions?


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