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A few questions about American schools

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Hey folks! I feel like I might as well ATTEMPT to apply to American schools this cycle. I figure if I manage to have things done by July/August I may still have a fighting chance.


I was wondering the following:


a) Is it alright if I do my shadowing hours DURING the application cycle? Ie. I could send a letter from my supervising dentist stating that I'm currently doing hours, and perhaps another when I've completed 100+ or whatever the requirement is.


B) Are there schools that DON'T look at the carving section, or have a low minimum, etc.? I didn't practice for it at all (was only concerned with Ontario schools at the time) and got an 11. I did exceptional in the rest of the sections though (99-100th percentile in some) so I'm rather wary of rewriting the thing.


Thanks! :)

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Hey, I am applying to the states this year.


I am not sure about your first question, but I know the US dental schools do not look at carving at all since the American DAT does not have carving section.


Most Unis that I looked into they look at AA and RC


Hope that helped.


Oh and I am also on the predent forum. There are some statistics there that I look at. (http://www.predents.com/)


Good luck

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