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Out of Province Acceptance

Guest jennifergoat

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Guest jennifergoat

I was wondering if anyone knows the stats on how many out of province applicants are accepted per year at McGill



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Guest dandalex

Taken from the McGill Faculty of Medicine FAQ section



How many places are available for Out of Province Canadian applicants?


Owing to government restrictions, the number of places available for out of province Canadian applicants is limited to 5 - 7 at the present time.


Taken from the ACMC site,

Document on Admissions to Canadian Faculties of Medicine





For Other (Non-Quebec Resident) Canadians


1998/1999 6.5 %

1999/2000 9.9 %

2000/2001 8.7 %

2001/2002 6.0 %

2002/2003 10.5 %


Hope this helps!



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Does anybody know what the stats are like for the MD-MBA program for OOP applicants?


Are there any quotas set-up for that program for OOP matriculants or can the entire MD-MBA class consist of solely OOP matriculants?

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Guest byjude

That's a good question.


Aside from what was mentioned on the last MD/MBA thread: p084.ezboard.com/fpremed1...=168.topic


It's hard to say. Although it does sound like there might be a certain number of seats reserved for Quebec residents, since dandalex was granted an MBA interview without even formally applying to the program, presumably because there was a need to bump up the in-province enrolment.


It was also mentioned that there can be as many as 4-5 students, but that year's class has only 2 MD/MBA students. I'm not sure what that implies. That could be a sign that there is no formal quota for OOP students in this program.. since not many OOP students receive interviews for the MD program, and even fewer get accepted, which could make up the difference between the 2 students and the 5 possible seats. On the other hand, maybe there is a quota (possibly even 1 seat), and not many in-province applicants were interested in the program, so the remaining seats were left empty.


But of course I'm totally speculating. Hopefully someone knows more than I do, but at least there's some food for your thoughts.

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Guest dandalex

Hey, Jixe


From the McGill Admission Committee Report of October 2003, there were 5 places for MD-MBA students and 25 applicants.


The 2003 Cohort was like this:


U.S. and International Students 22

Out of Province Canadians        8

Quebec, Undergrad degree        65

Pre-med program                65


Total Places (2002)                149

Total Places (2003)                160


If I am correct, last year (2002-2003 MBA year - Entering Med II in August) there were 2 OOPs, 1 American and one Quebec resident in the MD-MBA.


This year (2003-2004 MBA year, entering Med I in August) )its 1 OOP (Ontario) and 1 Quebec resident (me).


I do not know why there are less students this year. I missed the yearly MD-MBA get together but I heard that the graduating year has like 7 students.


According to a McGill senate committee, the MD-MBA used to be a ploy to defer OOP matriculation for 1 year, but since gouvernement regulations have been amended, this is no longer necessary, hence the program might not be has attractive to OOP has it once was.


Also, since the standards to get into McGill as an OOP are very high (and into the MD-MBA program which has its own set of ''management ability'' requirements) the students that do get in probably get into many other schools around Canada.


So to answer the OOP Quotas question. Yes there is a Qc governement regulation that limits overall yearly OOP matriculation in Quebec per University. Therefore, I beleive (this is my opinion based upon my observations) that the limit of 8 OOP per year applies overall to the MDCM and MD-MBA cohorts.


If there are 4 OOPs in the 2003 MD-MBA cohort (entering Med in 2004), the admission committee coul probably only admit 4 other OOPs in the 2004 cohort.


So I think that its possible that the whole program might be OPP matriculants. Still, I would expect that a Qc resident might have an advantage if he were interested in the MD-MBA over an OOP (the interest for an MD-MBA doesn't see to be very high for students in Qc from my discussions with many of them.)


Hope this helps a bit.

If you have other questions...feel free,



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Thanks byjude and Alex.




What exactly was this information you provided?:


The 2003 Cohort was like this:


U.S. and International Students 22

Out of Province Canadians 8

Quebec, Undergrad degree 65

Pre-med program 65


Total Places (2002) 149

Total Places (2003) 160


It looks like geographical matriculating stats but, the "pre-med program" stat is throwing me off.

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Guest dandalex

It is a geographical stats distribution.


The Pre-Med stuff is McGill's Med-P program which is only available to Quebec CEGEP students, it is a Pre-First year preparation or transition from CEGEP to Medicine.


University of Montreal has the same program for exemple.


That is what is commonly called the 5-year Med-P program instead of the 4 year M.D.,C.M. program in which all Quebec university graduate, OOP and US-Foreign students are admitted.


If I remember correctly, if grades are maintained above a certain cut-off point during the Med-P (Pre-Med) year for the Quebec CEGEC students, a student is allowed to enter Med I.


Therefore, these 65 students comprise around half of the next year's (Med I) cohort.


What counts is that there are only 8 places for OOP, which I find disturbing compared to 22 U.S and Int'l students...money has gotta flow from somewhere I guess.




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Guest blinknoodle

yeah, sometimes I wonder about these dual degree programs and OOP. my friend was admitted to McGill's MD/PhD program as an OOP (but later turned it down).. it probably puts a damper on the OOP applicants in the normal MD pool, since the dual degree acceptances go out earlier. I have also heard that McGill can pick up other OOP spots in late August from other Quebec schools that don't use theirs up (a few people that were initially rejected from MD/PhD as an OOP, were later offered a seat in the late summer).



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