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stuck at VR 10


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hi Everyone,


I'm stuck at '10' in VR. Yes I'm whining. But last year, I had 10's and then scored a 7 on the real thing!!!! I want to prep to over-shoot the 10 minimum I need. I also want to 'blow them away' with VR this year in Canada because sadly, my GPA is not as competitive as some. The 'research' is now guiding med schools towards scrutinizing the VR more anyway because they're saying it's a better predictor of med students than the other scores which MAY partially make up for the bum GPA... Bring on the double digit scores everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any suggestions on different techniques I could try on full-length VR tests? (all EK for the moment). I'm following the EK strategy to the letter but I still don't feel like I have time to answer all the questions to the best of my ability. I don't have time for speed reading techniques I don't think (my test is in 5 weeks) - but I'm open to anything else.


Thanks in advance,


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