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Quick question: "visiting student"

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Hey guys.


I finished my undergrad at UWaterloo without submitting my intent to graduate form (hence I haven't graduated yet but I could!).

I want to upgrade my marks/fulfill several schools' pre-requisites by taking DE courses at Athabasca.


I heard I need to submit a "letter of permission" form if I want to do this. However, if i graduate, would i not need this? Would this new term at Athabasca be counted in my cGPA (including the courses at Loo?).


Kind of confused?



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If you've already finished all your course requirements for your degree at UW then you don't need permission and can register as an open studies student. Permission is only necessary if you're using the classes to fulfill a requirement for your UW degree. So, your graduating GPA at UW will remain the same. That said, if you attend classes after graduating and then you apply for grad school, they will want all transcripts of ALL universities you attended. In calculating your admission/application (sub)GPA they will look at the most recent semesters (ALL course work or maybe (of you're lucky) just the most recent 4 years for cGPA), regardless of university or what program it was for. I hope that helps!

PS. Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops also has distance ed classes! Not sure if they're cheaper than Atha-B, but have a different selection of interesting courses!! :)http://search.tru-open.ca/

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