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DAT prep materials for sale - Vancouver

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I'm selling my study materials that got me through the Canadian DAT. I took good care of all the books I used.


CDA Preparation Manual Dental Aptitude Test: $25 (no markings)

How to Prepare for the Soap Carving Manual Dexterity Test of the Canadian DAT, IQ Publications: $25 (no markings)

Schaum's outlines Biology, 3rd ed: $15 (some highlights) - SOLD

Schaum's outlines College Chemistry, 9th ed: $15 (no markings)

Cliff's TestPrep DAT w/CD: $15 (some highlights and writings) - SOLD

Cliff's AP Biology, 3rd ed: $10 (highlights + markings) - SOLD

Barron's AP Biology, 2nd ed: $10 (highlights + markings)


Edit: 2 more books I found on my shelf that I used while studying for the DAT...

Exam Krackers MCAT 7th Ed Biology $20 (some highlights and writings)

Exam Krackers MCAT 7th Ed Chemistry $20 (no markings)


Please PM if interested.

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