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I feel this is pretty much everything you need to ace the DAT. I'll be starting dental school at UBC in September and would be happy to answer any questions as well through pm. All books are like new, with no writing/marks unless stated.


1) DAT Destroyer (2010): This is the ultimate DAT test question bank as some q's on actual exam were taken straight from this book. $120

2) Kaplan Comprehensive DAT Review Book (Blue - 2009): $40

3) Schaum's Bio 2nd Ed: $15

4) Kaplan Comprehensive DAT package 2008 (everything they give you with course): $70

-Kaplan White Book, workbook (has writing), flashcards, quicksheets, etc. - even though 2008, the content does not change.

5) IQ Publications Soap Carving Guide: $30

6) Canadian Dental Association DAT Prep Manual: $5

7) Carving material (whole package for $280) SOLD

-Soap: $5 per soap (I have 9 packs (6 per pack) + 2 single pieces!)

-2 cutting devices

-5 rulers

-10 blades (some new, some used)


Willing to sell individually or entire package for $500. If you take entire package, I'll throw in a bunch of IQ publication books as well.


Local only. PM if interested.

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Lol I wrote the Nov 2010 DAT and barely made the carving minimum for UBC after only carving a few soaps. Was planning to write again in Feb (which I then decided to push to Dec) but ended up getting accepted anyway! I felt like carving was the only thing holding me back so I wanted to practice as much as I could.

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