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So apparently ear plugs ARE allowed?


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I heard from everywhere and everyone I talked to that ear plugs are not allowed in the test center on exam day.


But according to this document: https://www.aamc.org/students/download/63060/data/mcatessentials.pdf


you are allowed to bring an unopened package of ear plugs and permitted to use them in the test room..




"You may bring your own wireless earplugs to wear with or without the headphones

provided at the test center. They must be in the original, unopened package and must be

presented to the Test Center Administrator for inspection."


Has anyone actually done this?


The test center I'm in has a fan that turns off and on that I heard was distracting to some people, the earplugs over top the provided ear muffs will drown out any noise.



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I don't think you can bring them if you're testing at any Prometric Centre. The centre I wrote at made me sign a contract saying I wasn't allowed to bring any external items into the exam room, including ear plugs.


Thats odd..


I am writing at a prometrics test center.

I found this on their website: http://www.prometric.com/TestTakers/FAQs/Regulations.htm


Which says soft ear plugs are allowed, I always thought it was up to AAMC policy not the test center, I should contact the center and ask them then.

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I wrote at a prometric centre, and I brought ear plugs. I had to keep them in the unopened package until the test centre staff told me to take them out.


I was happy I had them. I paired them with the industrial ear muffs and it was very effective.

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