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Some help-please

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Hello everyone

I really need some help here...courses are filling up. I've never been to UWO before (I'm a transfer student from U of T) and I'm currently listed as a third year student at Western because of my transfer credits. I don't know anything about how difficult courses are there, so my course selection was based on common sense and on what I think my abilities were. Here's the problem though. I thought I was a second year student up until a few weeks ago when they emailed me with my new transfer credit assessment saying I was a second year student. They said that I was a third year student. Hypothetically, I could graduate next year. I was thinking of taking a few second year biology courses now that the priorities are lifted (I'm not enrolled in the biology module yet). Would I be able to get some advice on this course schedule? (ie. if the course schedule is doable?-This is the question)


Chem 2213A

Chem 2223B

Physics 1028A

Physics 1029B

Italian 1030

French 3700F

French 2408B

Biology 2483A

Biology 2240G

I need to try to keep with the 60% rule (unless they make an exception with transfer students), so keep that in mind. The other option for the schedule would be to put Physiology 2130 (another elective) as a substitute for Biology 2483A and Biology 2240G.

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