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A great one-year job?

Guest wassabi101

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Guest wassabi101

Hello everybody!


I hope everything works out for everybody and you all get into med school, but if things don't work out for this year and you're looking for an amazing one-year full-time job, look on CAPS for work in cardiovascular epidemiology at the Jewish General Hospital.


It's clinical research, where you get the opportunity to be implemented at all steps of a study AND there's doctor-patient exposure, when you get to shadow a cardiologist at CCU, cath lab and at clinic. I think they might be looking for candidates with some stats or research knowledge, some passions outside of school and at least above a 3.3 GPA--but if you're on this forum and applying to med school, you most likely have all of these qualifications....so look it up! I know a few people who worked there on their year off and loved it!



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