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Diversity of students in Med 1

Guest Medhopeful

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Guest Medhopeful



Just wondering the diversity of students who have a B.Sc..

What have they studied (Biology, Math, PT, Anatomy), in what proportion and are they primarily from Mcgill ? (any concordia, u of m, bishops students? )


Nothing official, just your guesses talking to classmates.

I bet 70%+ biology, biochem, chemisty(?), maybe 5% math,

but I maybe wrong.. ;)



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Guest med2006McGill

Hi Patrick,


We are a really diverse bunch. There are people who majored in Bio, Chem, Biochem, Physics, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Music, French, English Lit etc. I would guess the majority probably majored in science (maybe 80% ??). I know many people in our class are from McGill (60%+), but there are also people from other universities in Montreal.


Hope this helps!

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