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please tell me which other materials to use! (verbal)


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hi everyone


i am writing in Sept and have been using EK 101 passages and i've been doing the AAMC verbals to see how i do on those - i have a couple of AAMC verbals left but i want to "save" those to the end and see what the max possible is that i can get on those after i have practiced a bit more.


i have read a lot of threads that say that best practice is AAMC > EK > PR

and that kaplan should be avoided like the plague


my issue is, i don't have the princeton books and don't know how/where to get them! are there any other awesome materials i could use to practice, and then attempt my left over AAMCs? please help!


thank you :)

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Actually, I used some LSAT stuff. Even thought the questions are nothing like AAMC`s, it still helped to practice forming the main idea of fairly dense and somewhat technical passages.




I thought TPR passages were really good, but their questions sucked. There were way too many retrieval questions in TPR.


My MCAT was on August 12th, and the verbal questions felt very ambiguous, not much like the AAMC currently, and much more like EK`s. The passages felt fairly easy to read for me, I think because I practiced so much with TPR and the LSAT passages.

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