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Are you talking about a physiology or physiotherapy program? If its the latter, gpa doesn't matter.


Why would you say GPA doesn't matter ?? :confused:


I did med after a physiotherapy degree and so did many of my classmates.

It is definitely doable, but keep in mind, especially now that it has become a masters, adcoms will want to know why med and not PT.


As for grades, in general it is no harder to keep a good GPA than in other programs, but some of your exams will be practical (i.e. someone evaluating your skills) which can be quite subjective....

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I will also add are you able to enter into medicine right after you complete your physiotherapy degree? I am aware some physio schools have placements that run until September and am curious how medical schools handle this (would you have to wait another year to apply, or apply for special consideration, etc)



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