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Quesrion about nursing after degree programs

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I was a Junior nursing major at Stillman College, but recently the program lost its accreditation and was discontinued. This was all done on very short notice giving me and many of my classmates little time to react. I tried transferring but most nursing programs are completely full and, to be honest, no one really wants a junior nursing transfer. In addition I am on scholarship at Stillman and if I were to transfer I would no longer have it and risk burying myself in student loan debt(which I DO NOT want to do). So i decided to change my major to pre med for the time being and I was hoping that maybe I could just apply to a nursing program after graduating with my bio degree. I'm really just trying to move forward while acting wisely. In addition if I were to transfer there is no guarantee that I would be accepted and could be waiting even longer to get back into a nursing program.

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